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Next Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program starts 2/2!

Want to shorten your grantwriting learning curve and win grants faster?

FT_logoWhat if you could multiply your grant success in the next few months?

This February 2  – March 12, I will be facilitating the next Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program: a unique, hands-on opportunity to develop or refresh your grantwriting skills. We’ll cover a wide range of topics concerning the strategy and craft of grantwriting to foundations and corporations and beyond. Space is limited to only 6 people!

The FastTrack Program includes group training, thorough expert and peer feedback and advice, and individual “laser” coaching. We will help you improve at least one grant proposal in real time, and prepare for many others to come. Together we will create a safe and supportive online group of trusted colleagues.

Want to hear a sample of training and coaching on grantwriting? Watch a free introductory webinar HERE.

This online program is designed for you if…

  • You have grantwriting responsibilities as a nonprofit development or program staff member, volunteer, or board member
  • You are a beginning/intermediate/returning grantwriter
  • You have strong writing skills and want to explore the world of grantwriting

All you need to participate are a phone and a computer with an Internet connection.

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MLK Day 2015

MLK DayThis year on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday I watched Selma, the new film about the historic civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. The movie was a rousing and inspiring reminder of the power of passionate words and decisive action.

What a winning combination — one you are involved in every day as a social changemaker who uses “writing to make a difference.”

I’m here to help you strengthen your work and build the confidence and capacity you need to make the changes you want to see in the world: in 2015 and beyond. Thanks for letting me play that role.

Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program: FAQ

confusion2Folks have asked some great questions about the Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program. And here are the answers!

By the way, the next session of the FastTrack Program starts on February 2, with only 6 seats available. The Early Bird deadline is this Friday, January 23. You should also know about the program’s main page for more details.

Q: Who is the FastTrack Program for?

The program was designed for you if:

  • You have grantwriting responsibilities as a nonprofit development or program staff member, volunteer, or board member
  • You are a beginning/intermediate grantwriter
  • You have strong writing skills and want to explore the world of grantwriting

Q: How is this program different from regular grantwriting classes?

The FastTrack Program does not just deliver one-size-fits-all group training (available in other places). Rather, it is customized to the group’s specific interest areas: you will help shape the group’s experience. Topics unique to you can be discussed in your one-on-one laser sessions.

You will be working on a real grantwriting project over several weeks; the program is by no means just theoretical! If you are not yet required to write grants, you will need to arrange with a nonprofit organization to write a grant proposal for them (most nonprofits will jump at this opportunity).

The FastTrack Program also gives you the chance to learn from others’ successes and challenges (“case studies”), as well as practice providing and receiving analytical feedback. Your insights will add value to the group discussion and hearing others’ different perspectives will add to your own learning process.

There will be lots of real-time interaction and Q&A (by phone and Facebook group), so the program will not be like many of the other online trainings you may know about.

Q: How much of a time commitment is involved?

In addition to the 4 group conference calls and 1-2 private laser calls, you will need to plan for approximately 1-2 hours per week (on your own schedule) to devote to program homework. If you are brand new to grantwriting, or if you are not already working on a grant proposal, you may have to devote an additional 1-2 hours per week to the program.

Q: What if I can’t make all 4 conference calls?

If, for some reason, you are unable to join a live group call or two, you will be able to interact with the group and ask questions via our private Facebook page. You will also want to listen to the recordings of the calls. If you know ahead of time that you can only attend some of the live group calls, we can make arrangements to ensure that you still get maximum value from the program.

Your 60 minutes of private “laser” coaching will be scheduled according to your own availability.

Q: What kind of grantwriting background do I need?

If you have attended at least 1 introductory course on grantwriting and/or have been part of at least 1 grant proposal process, that is excellent! If you are just starting out, no worries. You will have lots of opportunities to take free online tutorials to hit the ground running. The only requirement is the motivation to work with others to improve your grantwriting skills.

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee?Of course! Fully participate in the FastTrack Program until the first Friday of the session. If you are not already getting incredible value from the program, I will offer a full refund.

Q: Can I hear a sample of your training and coaching?

Yes! Just watch this introductory webinar.


You can see the full FAQ page HERE.

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The Fundraising Summit recordings and transcripts: still available!

Did you join me and thousands of others around the world for insight, instruction and inspiration from over 40 of the world’s best speakers?

Together we tackled some of the most pressing fundraising problems and shared best practices.

My session, “Top Tips for Great Grant Proposals,” ran for free on January 5, 2015.

Here are just a few of the 40 other amazing presenters who spoke during the Fundraising Summit:

  • Marcy Heim: Three Massive Mistakes that Even Smart Fundraisers Make in Raising Major Gifts
  • Jay Love: What Every Fundraiser Can do to Stop Falling Retention Rates
  • Sherry Truhlar: Steps to a Better Auction
  • Harry Freedman: How to Run a Profitable Special Event
  • Pamela Grow: The Power of Thank You
  • Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE: Raise More Money from Your Business Community
  • Gail Perry, CFRE: Teach Your Board to Open the Door to Major Gifts (without Being Pushy)
  • Marc Pitman: How to Fundraise as a CEO (and Learn to Love It)
  • Alice Ferris, ACFRE: Development from the Donor’s Perspective
  • Sandy Rees, CFRE: How to Raise Funds as a New Non-Profit

If you missed some presentations that you really wanted to watch, want to share them with your colleagues, or just want to see the transcripts, you are in luck! You can get recordings and transcripts of the presentations from all 40 speakers on a single USB drive. This offer is only available for a limited time, so check it out now HERE.