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Oct. 13 – Nov. 20: Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program

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Join me this fall for the Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program, a unique opportunity to develop or refresh your grantwriting skills. We’ll cover a wide range of topics concerning the strategy and craft of grantwriting to foundations and corporations.

Want to watch a quick video about it?

The FastTrack Program includes group training, thorough feedback and advice, and individual “laser” coaching. We will help you improve at least one grant proposal in real time, and prepare for many others to come. Together we will create a safe and supportive online group of trusted colleagues.

This online program is designed for you if…

  • You have grantwriting responsibilities as a nonprofit development or program staff member, volunteer, or board member
  • You are a beginning/intermediate/returning grantwriter
  • You have strong writing skills and want to explore the world of grantwriting

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Ask Dalya: Q & A about grantwriting

Dalya_Massachi_grey_suitYou’ve got questions? I’ve got answers! Here are just a few:

Q: If you’re applying to a foundation that supports operating costs as well as programs, should you build a relationship first by going for a program-related grant, and then follow up the next year with an operating cost grant, or can you go right for the operating costs? Which is more likely to get funded, in your opinion?

A: Most funders will want to start out with a program grant to test you out. But I would recommend contacting them, explaining that you are interested in both, and getting their suggestion. Each funder is very different, as I am sure you know.

Q: If a foundation has a grant range of $5K-$25K and an average grant size of $15K, what’s the best number to pick for your first grant request to them?

A: This is another great question to ask when you speak with the funder. Generally, a first grant is going to be on the lower end. With no other info, I would probably ask for $15K. A first grant will probably be less than the funder’s average grant size, but it is always good to ask for a bit more than you expect. Just make sure you ask for only a fraction of the total project budget.

Q: If you are pursuing other funding for a project but have not been approved for it yet, do you include that in a new proposal?

A: In the Request for Proposal or Grant Guidelines, you will often be asked about other pending funding and/or your financial sustainability strategy. These are great opportunities to talk about other grants you are pursuing.

Good news! These questions are exactly the kind we answer in the Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program. You will also get to practice a grantmaker-grantseeker conversation where you can ask these questions (and many more I suggest) during a role play, in preparation for the real thing.

PS: Want more Q & A? Just go HERE.

Writing Wednesdays Update: Back in October!

writing_wednesdays_jpegYou may have noticed that Writing Wednesdays took a summer break. Starting in October 2014, we’ll be back and the format will undergo a small change. Formerly a conference call series, it is now a full-fledged podcast that you can listen to during your commute, at the gym, etc. You can also choose to download the accompanying visuals online. New recordings will be released one Wednesday per month.

Writing Wednesdays will continue to cover a wide range of writing-related topics for the social sector. But the new format will offer higher audio quality and more flexibility. I will announce each new podcast on this website, but if you want notification the day it goes live, just sign up on the right-hand side of this page (set the pull-down menu to Writing Wednesdays).

Meanwhile, you can check out the archive of Writing Wednesdays since January 2013 right HERE.

Talk soon!

Want more feedback on Letters of Intent? Check this out.

NP webinar_grant feedback clinic

I recently offered a free webinar called the Grant Proposal Feedback Clinic, and featured it in my September newsletter.

In fact, the webinar was so popular that I have already gotten requests to repeat it. While I don’t plan to offer the feedback webinar again in the near future, I have some good news.

You can get recordings of Writing Wednesdays recordings in which I work with a group to provide feedback on a range of Letters of Intent to foundations. Just go to the Archive and click on recordings from 2/6/13, 2/20/13, and 2/15/14. They recordings are only 99 cents each.

Also, the Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program will offer 6 weeks of training, practice, and feedback on this topic. It all starts on October 13. And the Early Bird Discount is good through October 3!


Watch the free webinar: Grant Proposal Feedback Clinic

feedbackCould you use some targeted feedback on your Letter of Intent or brief grant proposal? Have you participated in trainings but find you need some individual feedback to fine-tune your draft (one you’re currently working on or one you recently submitted)?

While your colleagues may be helpful (or maybe just too busy), an outside perspective is often exactly what you need to view your work as a funder might.

That was the idea behind the Feedback Clinic, a safe online space where 2 people shared drafts with their peers and the instructor (a seasoned grant writer with more than 15 years of experience). Others listened in and learned from the two reviewed drafts’ successes and challenges, and practiced providing analytical feedback.

Here’s what folks had to say about the feedback clinic:

“This was really helpful. I really liked that we got to see what other people had written. It’s helpful to get to read and give feedback on others’ writing – and Dalya’s feedback was wonderful.”

“I was delighted to get a better sense of how to hit an LOI out of the park. I soaked everything up.”

“I thought this was incredibly helpful. This format of seeing other people’s grants in areas that were different from my own and seeing the feedback was just absolutely tremendous.”

“Often, I find myself wanting to dig my eyeballs out with a grapefruit spoon with webinars. This one, however, held my attention throughout and flew by.”

To watch the free webinar just go HERE!

The feedback clinic webinar provides just a taste of what you will experience in the full Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program. From October 13 – November 20, a small group of up to 6 grantwriters will get in-depth training and individualized feedback to help polish at least 1 proposal in real time. Space is extremely limited. Learn more and grab your spot now HERE. The Early Bird Discount is good through Friday, September 26.