Grantwriting Coaching

With grantwriting coaching, anyone on your team can make grantseeking improvement a regular part of their professional development. They can choose to work with their coach for any period of time, from a few hours to several months, either one-on-one or alongside a team of colleagues. They will:

  • Get expert feedback and individual instruction that fits their learning style
  • Work on specific skills or fill knowledge gaps
  • Boost their confidence
  • Get their creative juices flowing

Following a brief intake survey about your particular needs, grantwriting coaching begins with a pre-session review of each draft. Then client and coach convene via phone or screen-share session to review:

  1. The coach’s feedback, including edits and any additional thoughts or questions
  2. Strategies to consider for future improvement
  3. Tips, tricks, and pitfalls to keep in mind moving forward

Coaching sessions are scheduled to ensure that you gather and maintain momentum, while having time to consider and integrate suggested improvements.


Thus far, all of my coaching clients have seen improvement in just a few sessions (some in as little as 1 session!).

Here are some recent comments:

As someone fairly new to the fundraising world, I found it easy and not intimidating to approach Dalya with my questions…And best of all, her strategy is really working. This year we secured support from new funders and we are thrilled to finally diversify our portfolio.

“We have had this project idea for a year and [working with Dalya] really helped prioritize the value of what we’re trying to do.  I know that I’m going to get something out of every call, so it has made me actually set the time aside.”

“The skills and strategies I learned have definitely helped us get through the grantseeking process; it has also improved the quality of our grant responses. We have learned to think through what is truly being asked and made our answers more tailored to what funders want.”

“Dalya’s feedback was astute, professional, and extremely helpful. I would seek her counsel again. Highly recommend!”

“Dalya helped us to synthesize existing grants proposals to create a more compelling story. It was very helpful to hear what about our proposals stood out and what of our program work was not highlighted enough. Thank you, Dalya!”

“I deeply appreciated Dalya’s line-by-line critique of my Letter of Inquiry. Her expertise in both what funders are looking for and what makes them reject an application will enable us to submit a powerful proposal. Now we have a fighting chance to get those much-needed grants!”

“Dalya is well-versed in fundraising and grantwriting and I greatly appreciate her guidance in helping me think through both fundraising strategy and tactic.”

“I have been taking courses, webinars and going to lectures, conferences, and reading books – anything I could get my hands on – for over a year and a half now. I just got off the phone with Dalya and realized I have learned more from her in two days (actually, only 1 email and 1 phone call) than I have in all my training so far. I just feel relieved and so grateful to have found her.”

Watch a sample grantwriting coaching webinar: HERE


A writer since learning to hold a pencil, Dalya specializes in building the capacity of nonprofit professionals and volunteers to use their writing to make a difference in their communities. Since 1997, she has raised millions of grant dollars for nonprofits of all sizes on a wide range of social and environment issues. Over the past 15 years she has trained and coached tens of thousands of participants across the U.S., using a friendly, light-hearted style to share top techniques and insights. She has worked with hundreds of nonprofit associations, foundations, and other organizations. (Full bio.)

Her most recent publications include:

All pricing is on sliding scale. Contact Dalya for more information and to schedule a FREE strategy session.