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Learn to polish your printed or online words and improve your organization’s management, programs, fundraising, and public relations. Or improve your own professional writing skills.

You may be frustrated that, despite your best efforts, you’re stuck in old writing habits that hold you back. You may feel like your best ideas are just not expressed very well and thus get ignored or sidelined.

Are those the results you want? I didn’t think so.

Let’s discuss where you are now, and what it would take to get where you want to go. A little supportive personal attention and expert feedback might be all you need. Of course, our conversations are confidential.

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Writing coaching is an excellent professional development tool for you or your staff. You can choose to work together for any period of time, from a few hours to several months. Work one-on-one or in a group of your colleagues. You will:

      • Get expert feedback and individual instruction
      • Work on specific skills you want to learn
      • Use exercises and assignments that fit your learning style
      • Boost your confidence
      • Get your creative juices flowing

Writing coaching involves a pre-session review of your piece (due 2 business days in advance) plus a phone/screen share/in-person discussion about:

  1. my edits and any additional thoughts, questions or assignments
  2. strategies for your future improvement as a writer

I usually recommend that sessions be spaced about 2 weeks apart. That way you’ll gather and maintain momentum, while having time for practice. I offer starter packages on a sliding scale.

Thus far, all of my coaching clients have seen improvement in just a few sessions (some in as little as 1 session!). I can guide YOU to writing confidence and success, too!


Phone or in-person sessions accommodate your busy schedule – from anywhere!



As someone fairly new to the fundraising world, I found it easy and not intimidating to approach Dalya with my questions…And best of all, her strategy is really working. This year we secured support from new funders and we are thrilled to finally diversify our portfolio.V.S.

I’ve always dreaded the writing process and even more the editing process. My current job however requires me to write all the time. Dalya has provided me with tools on how to spice up my writing and better connect with my audience. She also provided me with a cheat sheet for common errors that I make and need to watch out for in the editing process. People at work have commented on my improved writing style since I have begun my work with Dalya.Y.P.

I feel that my writing confidence and skill level have improved considerably since my time with you. For example, I always avoided writing letters to the editor because it would take too much time for me to come up with a product that I was happy with. The major problem was my inability to write succinctly. I am happy to report that my letter to the editor printed on my first try. Thank you so much for all your help and I will refer you to other colleagues of mine.Tiffany

I have worked with Dalya as a writing coach and as an editor. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she engages the work in a way that provides insight, objectivity and direction. Every exchange has resulted in an increase in my own knowledge and appreciation of the power of the written word…She keeps me accountable and provides guidance and insight into my areas of development… and is clear, enjoyable, friendly and helpful. Bill

Professional, thoughtful, talented, and follow-through are the words that come to mind when I think about Dalya. She is an effective and creative writing coach, helping me develop one of my first keynote speeches and giving me the confidence to deliver it.”- Denice

Dalya’s work is top-shelf. She has a great combination of passion for what she does along with superb technical skills. That leads to a creative space that feels very supportive and inspiring. She has the skill to take anything and make it great writing. If you need writing, editing, or coaching to do your own writing, you can’t choose a better consultant. Dr. Deborah

“I have been taking courses, webinars and going to lectures, conferences, and reading books – anything I could get my hands on – for over a year in a half now. I just got off the phone with Dalya and realized, I have learned more from her in two days (actually, only 1 email and 1 phone call) than I have in all my training so far. I just feel relieved and so grateful to have found her.” – Barbara

Dalya has a way of making a person feel confident in him/herself. She is very knowledgeable on the subject of writing and has a unique way of teaching that keeps you enthralled from the beginning. Shirley

Dalya was able to provide me with tools to improve my writing based on my specific needs and situation. As a nonprofit professional, I appreciated Dalya’s experience working with community-based organizations, and I would recommend her to anyone working in the field that is interested in building or refreshing their writing skills.L.P.

Dalya’s individualized sessions were really helpful — she was invested in improving my writing skills as much as I was. She identified my writing blocks and provided me with the appropriate tools to make my writing more concise, effective and fun to work on!J.Q.


pamela sergio“Dalya offers a unique and critical service in coaching people how to write effectively. In an age where the best and the brightest are frequently less skillful in writing beyond e-mails and text messages, Dalya makes the art of writing accessible and applicable to their specific needs. As a non-profit manager with responsibility for overseeing professional development, I found Dalya to be a great find and I highly recommend her to others who are seeking an effective writing coach who understands the obstacles and provides clear guidance plus encouragement.” Pamela Sergio, Director of Human Resources & Administration, Sustainable Conservation

dan cohen“We engaged Dalya to work with our Executive Director.  What we found was an improvement in the E.D.’s actual writing, but also in the intentionality behind it. It made a vast impact on the various constituencies we engage.” – Dan Cohen, President, Board of Directors, Oakland Hebrew Day School


Dalya F. Massachi, M.A. is a widely published writer, consultant and progressive activist who appreciates the importance and complexity of social change work. She inspires and equips social changemakers to use their writing to make a difference in their communities.

For more than 20 years, her work with community organizations has focused on fund development and communications. She has written countless successful marketing pieces, news articles, and columns, and has raised millions of grant dollars for nonprofits of all sizes on a wide range of social and environmental issues.

WMD_cover_with_BOTYA_badge_topDalya is the award-winning author of the 2011 book, Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact. She is also a co-author of the fundraising chapter in Do Good Well: Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation. She now serves as the project manager, editor, and coach for many other independently published books and e-books.

From 2000-2004, Dalya served as Founding Director of the largest network of international development organizations on the West Coast: BAIDO (Bay Area International Development Organizations). She has worked and studied in Central America, Africa, Israel, the U.K., and several regions of the U.S. In addition, she has extensive experience in the global women’s movement. Dalya holds an M.A. in Communication & International Development and a B.A. in International Studies. Read Dalya’s full resume and speaking list.

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