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Writing Wednesdays always begin with a brief introduction to the writing-related Topic of the Month, followed by group review of 1-2 of the submitted documents and/or a discussion with a Special Guest. Sometimes we even do a writing exercise together. This page contains recordings of 3 months’ worth of the free conference calls and links to the documents we discussed. We hope you can join us next time!

All previous recordings are now available for purchase–for only 99 cents each: 4Good.

4/2/14 From Snippets to Stories (w/ Craig Harrison) Collect and catalog snippets to develop into stories WW_140402 LINK
3/5/14 Importance of Graphic Design to Complement Your Writing (w/ Nadia Khastagir) Learn how good design brings text to life WW_140305 LINK
2/5/14 Group Feedback on Letters of Inquiry Feedback on Letters of Inquiry to Foundations WW_140205 LINK
1/22/14 Plan Your Grantwriting for 2014 Plot research and cultivation efforts and do some strategic proposal planning. WW_140122 LINK

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