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The Writing Wednesdays Podcast covers a wide range of writing topics related to the social sector: nonprofits, social enterprises, and green businesses. You may hear from a Special Guest or even engage in a writing exercise. This page contains recordings of 3 months’ worth of the free podcast and links to the documents we discussed. Sign up on the right-hand side of this page to receive links to future podcasts as they go online!

(PS: The recordings are hosted by 4Good.org, a social sector mega-site that you can join for free in about 1 minute.)

December 2014 Donor Thank You Letters (with Paul Jolly) Several jobs that a thank you letter does, and review of 5 samples  WW_14_12  LINK
October 2014
Top 12 Traits of a Good Grantwriter Ask yourself if you have the 12 characteristics it takes to shine WW_14_10  LINK
June 2014 Tips to Speed up Your Writing How to increase the number of pieces you write and great things they’ll bring WW_140604 LINK
May 2014 Growing Community Through Blogging (with Allison Jones) Reasons for blog launch, challenges in maintaining it, successes, and best practices WW_140507 LINK
April 2014 From Snippets to Stories (with Craig Harrison) Collect and catalog snippets to develop into stories WW_140402 LINK

All previous recordings are now available for purchase–for only 99 cents each on 4Good. (If you’re already a member of 4good.org, you’re good to go! If not, sign up for free in less than 1 minute and you’ll have access to thousands of free and low-cost social sector resources, including Writing Wednesdays recordings.)

2/5/14 Group Feedback on Letters of Inquiry Mini sessions on Letters of Inquiry to foundations WW_140205
1/22/14 Plan Your Grantwriting for 2014! Research and cultivation efforts for strategic proposal planning in 2014 WW_140122
12/4/13 Writing a Business Plan (with Kim Clark) Business planning for your organization and next steps WW_131204
11/6/13 Independent Publishing for the Changemaker Engage prospective donors, clients, or customers with (e)books WW_131106
10/2/13 Fundraising Appeal Letters (with Margaret Guellich) Getting to know the donor and letting the donor get to know you WW_131002
9/4/13 Writing Your Case for the Social Sector (with Elizabeth Seja Min) Raise support for your organization and improve the “written” case WW_130904
8/7/13 Opinion Pieces (with Laura Mazer) Essential components of how to effectively write and pitch an op-ed WW_130807
7/10/13 Copywriting for the Green Marketplace (with Shel Horowitz) Marketing can change the world! Discussed communication and framing WW_130710
6/19/13 Editing Your Own (or a Colleague’s Work) Review of different levels of editing and what to look for WW_130609
6/5/13 Press Releases (with John Millen) Insights into press releases that will intrigue reporters about your non-profit or issue WW_130605
5/15/13 Strategic Communication Research (with a Special Guest) Improve your communications with your stakeholders (donors, community members, etc.) WW_051513
4/17/13 The Power of Snappy Titles (with Ellen Bristol) Leverage your work with outstanding titles and keywords WW_130417
4/3/13 Improve Your Collaborative Writing (with a Deborah Pruitt) Apply the practical structures of collaboration to all your collaborative writing projects WW_130403
3/6/13 Open Mic Questions on challenges related to using your writing to make a difference WW_130306
2/20/13 Letters of Inquiry to Funders (Part 2) Pointers and feedback to write LOIs WW_130220
2/6/13 Letters of Inquiry to Funders (Part 1) Pointers and feedback to write LOIs WW_130206
1/30/13 Plan Your Editorial Calendar (with Lauren Girardin) Plan out the content for your blog, website, newsletter, press releases, social media, and other communications channels WW_130130
1/9/13 Opening Lines Pique your readers’ interests enough that they’ll continue onward WW_130109

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