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In my 20+ years working with community-oriented organizations, I’ve learned a lot about how we use (or under-use) the written word. It’s no secret that written communication is a key to success. But many of us aren’t quite sure how to strategize around this powerful tool to advance our missions or improve our marketing or fundraising. In fact, those of us lucky enough to have a strategic plan often miss opportunities to use it in our communications or fundraising work.

Those looming deadlines don’t help much either.

My guess is that you’re great at carrying out the programs that contribute so much to our communities. But you may not have the strong background you need to share it with the world.

As a consultant to changemakers in nonprofits and socially responsible businesses, I often find that my clients could benefit from both strategic and tactical writing advice—and maybe some training or coaching.

I’d like to help YOU make very informed decisions about your organization’s content development (websites, marketing materials, books, etc.) and grant-related pieces (proposals, reports, etc.). Check out the free Writing to Make a Difference E-News, packed with tips, resources, special offers and much more! The E-News also notifies you of upcoming educational events.

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Read a sample copy HERE.






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