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5/7: (FREE) Writing Wednesdays: Growing Community through Blogging (with a Special Guest)

writing_wednesdays_jpeg Special Guest Allison Jones spoke about the launch of Idealist Careers–a blog by that helps jobseekers find, land, and love their social impact careers. Allison reviewed the reasons for the launch, challenges in maintaining the blog, successes for the blog and Idealist, and best practices for organizations interested in blogging for the communities they serve. You can apply these lessons to your own blogging work!

The recording is now available: HERE.

Allison JonesAbout Allison Jones:

Allison is passionate about connecting people to the resources they need to change the world. In her current role as Editor, she engages the Idealist community on social media and manages When not working, she’s blogging about how Millennials can create careers that make a difference at, exploring her New Jersey neighborhood by foot, and making a mess in her kitchen. Drop her an email if you want to chat about careers, the social sector, and social media–allison [at] idealist [dot] org. Continue reading

4/2: (FREE) Writing Wednesdays: From Snippets to Stories (with a Special Guest)

writing_wednesdays_jpeg“From Snippets to Stories” showed writers how to take the germs of ideas and incidents and fashion them into stories–whether for books, articles, presentations and even coaching and sales situations. It covered where snippets come from, how best to collect and catalog them, develop and shape them, and ultimately present or perform them. We looked at kernels of stories and identified their universal truth or archetypal echo, and learned how they can be combined, enhanced, or otherwise massaged to serve our goals and purposes.

Craig Harrison has fashioned stories from bad school behavior, bad job interviews, bad dates, and good fortune to be at the right and wrong places at the right and wrong times. He also has a keen ear and observant eye and realizes context and time often inform what’s funny, poignant, meaningful, or magical.

The recording is now available: HERE.

craig_2010About Craig Harrison:

Craig Harrison is a SF Bay-Area based speaker, trainer, author and coach who helps professionals express their excellence as communicators and leaders. His first publication, Recycled Jokes, came as an eleven year old, when he went door-to-door in Berkeley peddling joke books and good cheer amid the protests and riots of the late 60s/early 70’s. Today he is prolific article writer–having published four books, a pocketbook, three tips booklets, and numerous special reports–and is the principal of the training firm Expressions of Excellence.

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From Snippets to Stories

craig_storybook[Dalya’s Note: This guest post was written by Craig Harrison who will be a Special Guest on the 4/2 Writing Wednesdays call. He is the Principal of Expressions of Excellence.]

Don’t look now, but did you realize we’re surrounded by stories? They’re everywhere. Last week I was traveling and everywhere I turned I heard stories: on the shuttle to the airport, while going through the security lines, at the gate, on the airplane, and while waiting for our baggage. Everyone was telling stories… to each other, to the flight attendants, and the attendants were no doubt telling stories to each other about us!

What’s most exciting are the new stories we fashion from our experiences, observations, and imagination.

As the Principal of Expressions of Excellence!™ I speak, train, write, coach, and facilitate. As such, I use stories a great deal, whether to educate or illustrate, to entertain, inspire, or even to sell. My specialty is the telling of personal stories. I’m often asked about my stories: How did you fashion that story? Where did it come from? How did you develop it? (And on occasion I am asked if my stories are really true. Yes, they are, to me!)

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All Writing Wednesdays Recordings: Now Only 99 Cents Each


Need to brush up on your writing knowledge base? Missed a Writing Wednesdays session you wish you could’ve heard?

Now you can access the full collection of Writing Wednesdays recordings on 4Good.

You’ll find goodies on a wide range of writing-related topics, from planning to drafting to editing and publishing. I even included an “Ask Dalya” session that answered a diverse array of your questions. Here’s the full list of topics:

  • ASK DALYA (answers to common questions)
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All recordings are only $0.99 and you can even sample a few free ones:

New recordings are added monthly, so check the 4Good listing often. (The 3 most recent Writing Wednesdays recordings are available for free for 3 months in the Archive and then become available for purchase.)

Want to join a live call and possibly have your materials selected for feedback (depending on subject matter)? Just sign up on the right-hand side of this page. Students in my classes absolutely love our feedback sessions!

Thanks for being a part of the growing Writing Wednesdays community.

The Loving Tension between Writers and Designers

[Dalya’s Note: This guest post was written by Nadia Khastagir who will be a Special Guest on the 3/5 Writing Wednesdays call. She is a co-owner/graphic designer at Design Action Collective.]

How many times has a copywriter bemoaned that designers always say there’s too much text? How many times does the designer want the editor to cut more text?

How can we come to a perfect harmony?

Graphic design should make your text sing. Good design should enhance the text, it is the supporting actor to the lead star, making sure that the lead role drives the plot and the story. It is the rhythm section to the leader singer. It is the choir to the diva. At the same time, if the story is dominated by the one star always taking the solo, the audience can lose interest, it starts to feel monotonous. This is why design can enhance the copywriting.

Functional graphic design shouldn’t overwhelm the reader to distraction but encourage the reader to read the this brochure, report, flyer, advertisement. Graphic design should show off the stars of the story.

Graphic design can transform your copy into an eyecatching piece:

nadia 1

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