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11/5 Webinar: Engage Investors with Powerful, Passionate Copywriting! (with Social Enterprise Alliance)

SEA-Bay Area logoCalling all social entrepreneurs:

Do you want to position your social enterprise work as cutting-edge and worthy of new investment? Do you want to become a respected thought leader in your field? In the marketplace of ideas, those who write well are seen as the “experts” at much more than putting words on a page. (The words “author” and “authority” come from the same Latin root!)

If you want your writing to more fully express your passion and tell your story in a fresher and more compelling way, this webinar is for you! We will share some strategic tools to help your words “land” as you intend.

Join us as we explore how to craft polished pieces that will help you reach a whole new level of effectiveness. You will leave inspired and equipped with powerful techniques you can use immediately.

In this interactive webinar you will learn:

1) The ABC’s of copywriting, including creating and advancing your brand, understanding your investors’ needs, and focusing on the benefits you offer

2) The top characteristics of effective copywriting and how to apply them

3) How to select stories that connect with investors

This webinar is based on my award-winning book, “Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact.” All webinar registrants are eligible for a special discount!

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate

Register HERE!

Hope to “see” you there!


NEW VIDEO: Top 6 Ways Grantwriters Are Strategic Leaders

KC_ laughingA few months ago, the Grant Professionals Association’s Heart of America chapter invited me to be the plenary speaker at their regional conference in Kansas City, MO. I was honored and pleased to present to such a respected group!

I spoke about the Top 6 Ways Grantwriters Are Strategic Leaders (whether they know it or not). The 6 are:


  1. You are passionate about your organization’s story and want to share it
  2. You plan ahead
  3. You “rally the troops” while staying calm, cool, and collected
  4. You ask the right questions and tell it like it is
  5. You see the big picture AND the devilish details and you polish them all
  6. You learn from rejection and know your limits

If you are a grant professional, you are perfectly positioned to help your organization plan strategically for its grantseeking future. You are the knowledgeable guide who can lead executive and program staff to design work that is attractive to grantmakers.

During my presentation, we discussed:

  • How to make sure everyone is on the same page (with the same purposes)
  • What questions to ask to get the information you need
  • Examples of strategizing with staff – before , during, or after the grant award

It was great to see people take notes, participate in group exercises, laugh at my jokes (!), and take away ideas they could really use.

Want to watch the 40-minute presentation (in a few segments)? You can do that right here:

By the way, if YOUR organization or association is looking for a customized presentation for an upcoming meeting (in person or online), please check out my work as a speaker HERE.



Oct. 13 – Nov. 20: Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program

FT_banner_ad_FALL 2014 CFRE_ContEd_Logo14


NEXT SESSION STARTS FEBRUARY 2015 (email me for info)

Join me this fall for the Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program, a unique opportunity to develop or refresh your grantwriting skills. We’ll cover a wide range of topics concerning the strategy and craft of grantwriting to foundations and corporations.

Want to watch a quick video about it?

The FastTrack Program includes group training, thorough feedback and advice, and individual “laser” coaching. We will help you improve at least one grant proposal in real time, and prepare for many others to come. Together we will create a safe and supportive online group of trusted colleagues.

This online program is designed for you if…

  • You have grantwriting responsibilities as a nonprofit development or program staff member, volunteer, or board member
  • You are a beginning/intermediate/returning grantwriter
  • You have strong writing skills and want to explore the world of grantwriting

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How to Get Beyond Copywriting Confusion

confusion2Do you write text (copy) for a social sector organization? I’m talking about a nonprofit, social enterprise, or similar group that has a social mission.

If so, you undoubtedly have a lot on your mind. What is the organization’s brand strategy? Who are its target markets? How can you explain the benefits it brings to the community?

It’s also your job to help the organization share information and enthusiasm about its work with interested people who may want to exchange their support (money, time, etc.) for the value the organization adds.

In the social sector, copywriting serves a dual purpose. It aims to both:

A)    Promote the organization as part of the solution to a social or environmental problem: It may work with community partners as part of a continuum of care or service, or in a coalition arrangement. If you understand how the organization fits into the mix, you can help identify its uniqueness and special contribution.


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Be More Relevant by Being More Responsive

[Dalya’s Note: This guest post was written by Kivi Leroux Miller and reprinted from her NonProfit Marketing Guide. She is the President of & EcoScribe Communications.]

I use the Six R’s of Relevant Messaging when I’m trying to help nonprofits create messaging that is more relevant to their participants, supporters, and influencers.

more relevant

I’ve shared some specific tips on how to make your communications feel more “Real Time“ and “Rewarding,” so today let’s look at being more “Responsive.”

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