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Green marketing (not greenWASHing!)

Describe Your Unique Role in Collaborative Efforts

fabric threads[Dalya's Note: This is an excerpt from my award-winning book, Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact.]

You may recall my post about the value of collaboration. Today I want to talk about the importance of carving out a unique niche for your organization in those collaborative efforts.

Your work to advance your organization’s unique brand involves illustrating how you contribute essential threads to your community’s interwoven fabric. You serve as a crucial resource and contributor to social and/or environmental responsibility.

Collaboration combines your organization’s power with that of other organizations that share your values, in a strategic effort to benefit a larger number of people than you could alone.

Ask yourself: How does your work fit into the larger picture of your community’s well-being?

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All Writing Wednesdays Recordings: Now Only 99 Cents Each


Need to brush up on your writing knowledge base? Missed a Writing Wednesdays session you wish you could’ve heard?

Now you can access the full collection of Writing Wednesdays recordings on 4Good.

You’ll find goodies on a wide range of writing-related topics, from planning to drafting to editing and publishing. I even included an “Ask Dalya” session that answered a diverse array of your questions. Here’s the full list of topics:

  • ASK DALYA (answers to common questions)
  • GRANTSEEKING (individual or as a bundle of 4 sessions)

All recordings are only $0.99 and you can even sample a few free ones:

New recordings are added monthly, so check the 4Good listing often. (The 3 most recent Writing Wednesdays recordings are available for free for 3 months in the Archive and then become available for purchase.)

Want to join a live call and possibly have your materials selected for feedback (depending on subject matter)? Just sign up on the right-hand side of this page. Students in my classes absolutely love our feedback sessions!

Thanks for being a part of the growing Writing Wednesdays community.

Now Available: New Independent Publishing Resources for Changemakers

ebookLooking for a new way to attract and engage prospective donors, clients, or customers? Today’s audiences often bypass traditional fundraising or advertising. Instead, they want relevant and useful content that they can act on right away. Are you offering them that?

A book or e-book (maybe even a “free-mium”) is a great way to share your experience and insights, bring more visibility to your cause or organization, and establish yourself as a passionate and credible “author”-ity in your field.

Vital components of your overall marketing strategy, books and e-books can be recycled across many communication and fundraising channels (online and offline). You’ll make a winning impression when you can say: “We wrote the book on that topic!”

With e-books and books so easy to create these days, what’s holding you back? And how can you make them work for your organization?

My website now houses lots of great new resources for current and emerging self-publishers—especially leaders of social sector organizations:

Conference call: Independent Publishing for the Changemaker: Advice on how to use this ultimate marketing technique: what’s involved and how to get started (handout plus recording)

Webinar slides:

  • Publishing Your Ebook for Greater Business Impact
  • Thinking About Hiring an Independent Editor? Start Here!

Detailed handouts:

  • The right team for the indie publishing process
  • Where to find an independent editor: professional associations
  • Websites of interest to the indie writer/publisher

Download your copies HERE.

Maximize Your Organization’s Collaborations and Reap the Benefits

partnership[Dalya's Note: This is an excerpt from my award-winning book, Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact.]

Given the astronomical proliferation of values-driven organizations in the last few decades, many of our readers are wondering: “How come you all don’t just combine forces?”

Good question.

No one—investors, customers, clients, etc.—likes to see duplication of effort among barely distinguishable parties. It certainly makes marketing and branding a tougher job as well!

But we are so passionate and concerned about our own sub-issues, services, and products that we can neglect the potential allies out there. In fact, instead of finding ways to cooperate, we often adopt a competitive attitude.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am the first to agree that healthy competition keeps organizations on their toes. What I bemoan is the frequent tendency to allow narrow organizational interests (such as maintaining the status quo or protecting fragile egos) to take precedence over larger community interests. Continue reading

A Double Shot of Brand Storytelling at ‘Creative Mornings’

Creative-Mornings-150x150[Dalya's Note: This guest post by Park Howell was originally published on May 2, 2013 on Park's website.]

I recently spoke at my local chapter of Creative Mornings, the monthly breakfast lecture series hosted in cities around the nation. The theme was “Reuse in Creativity.” No, it wasn’t a celebration of plagiarism. Rather, I presented a workshop on how to create more powerful stories for sustainability initiatives and green marketing, which are already replete with plagiarism (Leafs on logos, globes in hands, sprigs growing out of lumps of coal).

I led with my “Got Green? and 10 Other Brand Curdling Clichés of Green Marketing” rant just so the audience understood where I stood on what I see as a profound lack of creative storytelling in sustainability these days. Then I showed them how to easily create novel stories for their clients and brands that have meaning. Meaning makes their messages matter to their audiences. And when the story matters, movements are ignited.

You can download the storytelling workbook I handed out and went through with the Creative Mornings crowd. Use the nine steps in the book to craft your story, any story, and feel free to email it to me. I will be happy to review your work and answer any questions you have about becoming a more powerful – and sustainable – storyteller to help you nudge the world in any direction you choose.

To avoid the most popular green cliché land mines, take the “Got Green?” quiz before writing your story. I’m sure you’re not prone to “Creative Reuse,” but it doesn’t hurt to double check.

Check out Park’s video: HERE.