Featured Service: Grantwriting Coaching

With grantwriting coaching, anyone on your team can make grantseeking improvement a regular part of their professional development! They can choose to work with their coach for any period of time, from a few hours to several months, either one-on-one or alongside a team of colleagues. They will:

  • Get expert feedback and individual instruction that fits their learning style
  • Work on specific skills or fill knowledge gaps
  • Boost their confidence
  • Get their creative juices flowing

Thus far, all of my coaching clients have seen improvement in just a few sessions (some in as little as 1 session!).

Here are some recent comments:

“As someone fairly new to the fundraising world, I found it easy and not intimidating to approach Dalya with my questions… And best of all, her strategy is really working! This year we secured support from new funders and we are thrilled to finally diversify our portfolio.”

“We have had this project idea for a year and [working with Dalya] really helped prioritize the value of what we’re trying to do. I know that I’m going to get something out of every call, so it has made me actually set the time aside.”

“The skills and strategies I learned have definitely helped us improve the quality of our grant responses. We have learned to think through what is truly being asked and made our answers more tailored to what funders want.”

“Dalya’s feedback was astute, professional, and extremely helpful. I would seek her counsel again. Highly recommend!”

“Dalya helped us to synthesize existing grants proposals to create a more compelling story. It was very helpful to hear what about our proposals stood out and what of our program work was not highlighted enough. Thank you, Dalya!”

Pricing is on sliding scale. Learn more here.

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