New Webinar Recording: Copywriting for the Web

Have you been putting off making needed changes to your website copy? Not sure what will make the most impact? Need some detailed feedback?

Of course, you know that your website forms an essential part of your organization’s marketing. It needs to deliver compelling content that your readers eagerly engage with. The words and pictures have to jump off the screen and meet your readers where they are. But actually cranking out that copy can sometimes be a challenge.

You are in luck! You can now watch the recording of my recent  “Copywriting for the Web” webinar hosted by TechSoup. In it, I discuss how to identify your specific users and tailor your content so that it increases your usability and accessibility. I help you work on content strategy and placement so you can focus on building your brand identity. Learn how to engage you readers and improve your website.

Here’s what a few participants had to say:

“It was really, really good: comprehensive, well-organized, useful, and had relevant content.”

“The information presented was very valuable;, it gave me a starting point in which to begin improving writing for both the website and grants.”

“Very worthwhile investment of time.”

And some especially helpful tips folks walked away with:

“Emphasize benefits more than features: I believe this will be especially helpful for our various programs and products, not only for web but also email campaigns.”

“It’s o.k. to be conversational and not overly dry or ‘professional.'”

“Review your site to make sure we are using YOU and not WE. Transition from talking about yourself to talking about the reader. Now I really see how to do that and the importance of doing that.”

“Make sure your site answers the user’s 3 big questions: What is the site about? Who is it for? Why should I care?”

Watch the recording of the “Copywriting for the Web” webinar HERE.

PS: I also recently came across a great resource along these same lines. Terry Ibele of Learning Apricot compiled 22 features of successful nonprofit websites and offers tips on how to grow your membership and donations along with your website.

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