Writing Wednesdays: Top 12 Traits of a Good Grantwriter


Writing Wednesdays are your opportunity to get essential writing tips and advice on a wide range of documents you are asked to write. My goal is to help YOU improve your pieces and better engage your readers! You’ll hear from me each month, and sometime I am joined by a Special Guest who is also involved in “writing to make a difference.”

This month’s topic: Top 12 Traits of a Good Grantwriter

I’ve spoken to many people who either want to up their game as a grantwriter, or are thinking about entering the field. I’ve met them through my Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program or one of the many webinars, workshops, or keynotes I have presented in the last several years.

If you’re thinking along these same lines, ask yourself if you have the 12 characteristics it takes to shine.

Want to hear more? I went in depth on several of these traits in my recent keynote address on a similar topic.

Happy writing!


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