Want more feedback on Letters of Intent? Check this out.

NP webinar_grant feedback clinic

I recently offered a free webinar called the Grant Proposal Feedback Clinic, and featured it in my September newsletter.

In fact, the webinar was so popular that I have already gotten requests to repeat it. While I don’t plan to offer the feedback webinar again in the near future, I have some good news.

You can get recordings of Writing Wednesdays recordings in which I work with a group to provide feedback on a range of Letters of Intent to foundations. Just go to the Archive and click on recordings from 2/6/13, 2/20/13, and 2/15/14. They recordings are only 99 cents each.

Also, the Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program will offer 6 weeks of training, practice, and feedback on this topic. It all starts on October 13. And the Early Bird Discount is good through October 3!


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