4/2: (FREE) Writing Wednesdays: From Snippets to Stories (with a Special Guest)

writing_wednesdays_jpeg“From Snippets to Stories” showed writers how to take the germs of ideas and incidents and fashion them into stories–whether for books, articles, presentations and even coaching and sales situations. It covered where snippets come from, how best to collect and catalog them, develop and shape them, and ultimately present or perform them. We looked at kernels of stories and identified their universal truth or archetypal echo, and learned how they can be combined, enhanced, or otherwise massaged to serve our goals and purposes.

Craig Harrison has fashioned stories from bad school behavior, bad job interviews, bad dates, and good fortune to be at the right and wrong places at the right and wrong times. He also has a keen ear and observant eye and realizes context and time often inform what’s funny, poignant, meaningful, or magical.

The recording is now available: HERE.

craig_2010About Craig Harrison:

Craig Harrison is a SF Bay-Area based speaker, trainer, author and coach who helps professionals express their excellence as communicators and leaders. His first publication, Recycled Jokes, came as an eleven year old, when he went door-to-door in Berkeley peddling joke books and good cheer amid the protests and riots of the late 60s/early 70’s. Today he is prolific article writer–having published four books, a pocketbook, three tips booklets, and numerous special reports–and is the principal of the training firm Expressions of Excellence.

Craig’s Presentation.

Craig’s Recommended Reading:

Confessions of a Beginning Meditator

Speaking on a Shoestring


2 thoughts on “4/2: (FREE) Writing Wednesdays: From Snippets to Stories (with a Special Guest)

  1. Craig Harrison

    In my program FROM SNIPPETS TO STORIES this week I referenced a technique for brainstorming humor or stories which I also taught at my comedy club http://www.LaughLovers.us. I call it Humoration. Here’s a link to the handout, wherein I show how to generate humor from one premise. Pages 3 and 4 of my Humoration handout show how to take a premise, mind map it for connections and then fashion them into jokes. The same applies for building stories. Check it out: http://www.laughlovers.org/Handouts/Humoration_harrison_handout.pdf


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